To address issues and challenges confronting African American Women and to bring about meaningful change in the socio-economic status of African American people in the City of Atlanta and its surrounding communities.


In 1971, the National Office of the Women’s Bureau (U.S. Department of Labor), formed Black Women’s Consultation Steering Committees in 13 cities across the United States. The steering committees were charged with identifying and recommending actions that would alleviate economic, political and social barriers affecting the achievements of Black Women. So strong was the group formed in Atlanta, it remained intact after the completion of the national projects and in 1973, was incorporated as the Black Women’s Coalition of Atlanta, Inc. (BWCA).

Board Officers

  • President – Yvette Grimes
  • VP – Stephanie Dennis
  • Treasurer – Wanda Dorsey
  • Secretary – Angel Grimes


* We will serve as a catalyst in promoting a positive image of African American Women and address issues that positively enhance their well-being.
* We will have a positive influence on the lives of those we meet, mentor, and associate with.
* We will work closely with young, African American women to offer guidance toward successful educational achievement and career accomplishment.


Membership Process, Dues & Fees
Membership applications are accepted throughout the year. Membership dues are $100 annually, payable within 30 days of acceptance into the organization. Other fees may be assessed for special events as recommended by the organization.